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Managing Director


The greatest controlling force of man’s progress is his education. And if this education is action-oriented then there is no question.SIMT Engineering College was established in the light of the practical steps taken by the Government of Bangladesh to approve private institutions for the purpose of education and development of information technology in our country.

SIMT has been admitting students in all seats affiliated to the University of Dhaka since its inception. SIMT authorities lay maximum emphasis on practical classes during the course so that a student can fully utilize the acquired knowledge in professional life after being educated in this work-oriented education.4 years B.Sc in Engineering course gets most importance in terms of employment abroad. If we can send a B.Sc Engineer abroad instead of an unskilled worker then the people can play a helpful role in making the country economically prosperous by earning a lot of foreign exchange.

Besides, the country also has a lot of employment opportunities in various sectors. Therefore, I strongly believe that our dear motherland can reach the golden peak of future prosperity through action-oriented education.


Shohaly Easmin

Managing Director

SIMT Engineering College

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