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Mechanical Engineering

Technically, mechanical engineering is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical engineers analyze their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force—ensuring that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost. Mechanical engineers make a difference. That’s […]

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Civil Engineering

Developed nations are developing and developed nations are developing. State development means the country’s economic infrastructure, transportation system development, and building development. The geographically specific Kin population is growing unplanned and will continue to grow in the future. In this particular region, the basic needs for people’s life such as food, clothing, shelter, education, etc. […]

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Computer Science & Engineering

Information technology has turned today’s world into a global village. As we live in this modern communication system, the political, social, and economic context is changing. Computer Engineering brought the conviction to move forward with these changing times. There can be no alternative to studying Computer Science and Engineering to make yourself a self-reliant person […]

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