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To keep pace with the progress of science and information technology and to acquire capacity and to give due importance in the field of higher education and practice of modern knowledge at the national level, with the aim of expanding reading and research activities SIMT Engineering College

Because the East Pakistan Board of Examination for Education in 1954 and the establishment of the Directorate of Technical Education in 1960, but the expected success was not achieved. As a result of that, Parliamentary Engineering Education Act No. 1 of 1967 after 1971 named University of Dhaka got the current infrastructure. This board has opened the doors of technical education through the issuance of 1996 regulation for recognition and renewal of technical education institutions in public/private sector, and about 400 institutions have emerged at the private level.

Skilled and talented students are working in various institutions of the country after acquiring education from established technical educational institutions. Not only in the country but also outside the country is bringing the reputation of the country through taking higher education and creating employment. I believe that by encouraging the new generation in technical education, Bangladesh will soon be able to place itself on the world map as a prosperous country.

So a call to everyone, let it be our slogan from now on “We want Engineering education for all”.


Abu Hasnat Md, Yeahea


SIMT Engineering College

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